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Offer software solution that integrates advanced technology to optimize your dealership's efficiency and profitability.


Become the leader in analytics, performance reports and automatisation of information systems for automobile dealerships.

Your opinion is essential for the continual improvement of the software. We think it is optimal for your satisfaction and we want to cooperate with all of our participative clients in the development of the services you receive. In this perpetually changing world, it is a priority that your point of vue caracterize the use and the continual improvment of the software. It is important to us that we contribute in the success of partner business and to support their growth with our expertise.


EvalAuto Inc



Thanks to many years of management experience in a car dealership, we noticed that inventory management and price valuation software have become an indispensable tool that improve operations profitability. Nonetheless, current softwares on the market are not affordable and don't meet the needs of their end users. By correcting the mistakes and shortcomings of our competitors, we founded EvalAuto to offer a high quality software at an affordable price for every kind of dealership.

This opportunity was born out of a real software requirement supported by 30 years of a franchise management. Before launching the product, we made sure to offer a high-performance software by experimenting the first versions with the team from Sherbrooke Toyota. We adapted the software according to the needs and recommendations of this dealership which greatly contributed to the perfection of the software and we will continue this behavior with our clients. Then, our systems were used by more customers to continue the process of continuous improvement and to suit the different types of dealerships.

We thank the team of Sherbrooke Toyota for their support in our development.