Frequently asked questions

You need to fill the form on the "Become partner" page. Once we have received your information, we will call you to let you know how to access your account.

It is possible that your mail account may place our emails in the unwanted / spam section, promotions, or elsewhere. Please check these sections and if the emails are missing, contact us at

You can use the "Forgotten password" option on the software’s login page. If you have lost your account username, you can ask a manager in you dealership to change your password through the settings.

You can ask a manager in your dealership to give you your account informations. If you manager is not available, you can contact us at

In the software settings, in your personnal account, you can desactivate email notifications.

There are four mandatory fields: year, make, model and odometer.

Each valuation is based on actual vehicles for sale on retail websites, on wholesale sales data from our partners and on past and present valuation and vehicles boughts in your dealership.

EvalAuto’s system will show you a large selection of similar vehicles that you will be able to filer with various characteristics such as year, distance of your dealership, date, etc.

There is no limit for vehicles created in your dealership.

There is no limit for users created in your dealership.

With the default settings, managers and evaluators can approve an evaluation. You can make sure that salesmen also can approve evaluations in the settings.

With the default settings, only managers can see reports. You can make sure that salesmen and evaluators can view the reports in the settings.

First of all, make sure your vehicle is activated for online marketing. You should see a green badge at the left of the vehicle in Inventory table. Also, it can take between 24 to 48 hours before an ad is online. Finally, some websites are more strict than other. You may need to add more informations to your vehicle to have it accepted on a website.

Simply edit the vehicle file in EvalAuto software. The changes will be online between 24 to 48 hours.